Marketing Collateral (Digital and Print)

Managed IT Services Snapshot

SMB Health Care Letter

SMB Legal Services Letter

SMB Manufacturer Letter

Palo Alto Promo Fall 2015 w

Bucket of Hours Promo w

Las Vegas Intro Letter Print

Cohesity Test Drive Invite w

3CX Workshop Invite w



Sustainability Tech Team Blog w

Let’s Tech Volunteer Blog w

Electronics Recycling Blog w

Earth Day Celebration Blog w

Activation Therapy Blog w Hot Chocolate Run Blog


Bash Virus Blog

VoIP Blog

Ravinia Guest Blog w


New Year 2015 Blog w

3CX Platinum Partner Blog w

3CX SP2 for V14 Blog w


Ransomware Blog w

PA Login Failure Blog w

3CX SP2 for V14 Blog w

Case Studies

Medical Group Case Study

PAWS Case Study

Website Copy

CR Website Home Page

CR Website About Page Main

CR Website About Page_The CR Experience Sub

CR Website Services Page Main

CR Website Services_Backup and Disaster Recovery Sub

CR Website Services_Business Phone Systems Sub

CR Website 3CX Cloud Sub w

CR Website Services Page_Hosting and Cloud Sub

CR Website Services_Monitoring and Analytics Sub

CR Website Services_Network Security Sub

CR Website Services_Infrastucture w

CR Website Structured Cabling Sub w

Press Releases

Ravinia Press Release

Telmon Press Release w

Las Vegas Office Press Release

Cohesity MSP Test-Drive Press Release w




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